The South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club    


Welcome to the South Liverpool and Mersey Motor Cycle Club web site


  The clubs currently run in tandem and are ACU affiliated to

   the North Western Centre for the Mersey Motor Cycle Club

          and the Cheshire Centre for the South Liverpool Motor Cycle Club.


The clubs are both motor cycle sport based and participative in both support and riding in events.

We are a small group who organise adult observed trials, vintage sprinting and provide

         technical support for other events.

The team are trained scrutineers, noise meter operators and stewards for most type of ACU Motor Cycle Events.

The next trial to be run is the :- Foster Cup – 2019.

After discussions with the land owner and a forward view on the weather we have had to postponed the trial until October 2019.

There is a concern over the weather turning to very cold and snowy. As we have a Obligation and Duty of Care to our riders and observers 

whom we wouldn’t exist. The decision has been taken after consultation with riders and officials for the event, and after a site visit and risk assessment

we have come to the conclusion that we can’t take a chance therefore to postpone is our only sensible option at this time..   

Allan Owens Trial Organiser.


            Club officials and their contact names :-


           ·         John Lyons          0151  220 354   Trials coordinator             
           Address :- 32 Kingscourt Road,West Derby, Liverpool 12.e-mail
        ·          Allan Owens      0151 474 5785 – Event Principle
        ·         Ken Wilson         0151  547 2286                Also North Western Centre ACU Chairman
        ·         Tom Leah           01695 733930       Club Treasurer / Secretary 

                  Foster Cup       Trial Results will be added after this years event.


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